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Post by dad2paisley Fri 28 Dec 2018, 2:43 pm

I just found this. I am posting it for your reading pleasure.

Greyhounds are NOT abused and many thousands AREN'T killed.

As I sit with one of my Greyhounds in my lap, snoozing peacefully while the ninth race goes off at Seabrook Greyhound Park, I watch a leadout in the corner cooing and petting a small brindle hound in the corner. Nearby, a trainer is bouncing a tennis ball and encouraging her dog to play with it, and a young kennel helper with two Greyhounds on lead is feeding them her left over Ziti and talking to them in a funny voice. I sit here wondering what exactly of these interactions could qualify as this so-called abuse that is prevalent and rampant in the minds of animal rights extremists.

The truth is, we simply love our dogs. We've had our isolated incidents around the country over the years of dishonesty and mistreatment, but those people have since been removed from the industry and remain an embarrassment to all of us honest and caring industry employees. Thank the media---- the same media that makes you sometimes feel fat and disgusting and self conscious with their overexposure of thin, beautiful people---for blackening the reputation of an otherwise hard working and caring business.

There is no accountability in the media anymore for poor reporting; they're only out to sell papers and raise ratings, and they'll do it any way they can, AR groups only too happy to supply them with a fresh wave of nonsense.

I don't know of anyone of all that I've met in the Greyhound industry that could willfully and without remorse kill a dog, yet animal rights extremists contend that we all do and that its normal. These are the same people who claim over 60,000 are killed every year when only 25,000 or so are born yearly. Clearly someone needs to go back to elementary school and learn basic arithmetic; Their stats do not add up.

Animal Rights advocates also like to tell people that we do horrible things to the dogs on a daily basis along the lines of rectal electrocution, beatings, starvation, random atrocities that, thank goodness, don't really happen.

In my days in the kennel, it never occurred to me that rectally zapping a dog was a fun thing to do. No one else did either. Probably because we were too busy taking care of all of them (and maybe a little bit above that) to play with the anus of a losing dog. It just doesn't and wouldn't happen in a NORMAL environment, we're well above these sick fairy tales.

Beating? Yeah right. We work with these dogs all day, every day. I don't see where the beatings would fit in and make a kennel run smoother. Its right up there with the rectal zapping. What the hell?

Starvation. Now this one is silly. A seventy pound male will eat about 2.5 pounds of food per day. Now if I did the math, me weighing in somewhere around 110 pounds, proportionately speaking I'd have to eat about 3.9 pounds of food. That is a whopping FOUR boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats a day! I guess I better get going!

It pays to make up stories like this, because being an AR advocate is a lucrative business. Did you know Carey Theil, Director of Grey2k, makes over $100,000 per year? That could help a lot of dogs, but instead it goes into his pocket. Admirable? Martyr? Greyhound Saviour? I think not.

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Post by greydaddy Sat 05 Jan 2019, 5:21 pm

Thanks for the post.

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