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I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You

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I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You Empty I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You

Post by Dick Ciampa Sun 04 Oct 2020, 12:30 pm

I Understand Why You Are Anti-Racing, But Do You

Are you anti-racing because of what you know or because of what you read? I understand if you read articles and see stolen pictures that are photo-shopped about greyhound racing why you would be against greyhound racing, who wouldn't be. I would guess you wouldn't go to a KKK, Proud Boys or Boogaloo website or FB page to find out about racism as these groups will lead you down the wrong path towards getting the real facts. So why is it you get information about greyhound racing from Grey2K, PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA, ALF or DxE?

The above groups not only know nothing about greyhound racing, but are using you to get the word out about their real agenda, an agenda that you probably have no idea about and I would guess would be against.

Their real agenda is to end animal agriculture and make everyone vegan.

If you're wondering what greyhound racing has to do with animal agriculture part of animal agriculture is breeding greyhound puppies and by supporting the above hate groups you are doing something that you probably don't want to do and that is put an end to people owning pets.

You may read this and think I'm the crazy one, but I'm not. They are.

People in trying to do the right thing for animals are actually doing the opposite. People in the last five years have donated over $2,000,000,000 to the above groups and those groups have taken over $667,000,000 of it in salary and other compensation. Does this sound like they are concerned about the welfare of greyhounds or other animals or their own welfare?

Check out sites like Greyhound Chronicles, Keep greyhounds Racing, Pro Greyhound Movement Support the Harvest and Support Working Animals. You will not only get a truer picture about how greyhounds and other animals are treated and cared for. Unlike most of the anti FB sites you can ask questions and get answers about your concerns. Asking questions is good and getting answers is even better.

You won't get deleted unless you start spewing the lies from Grey2K because they don't know what they are talking about so how could you. Some of the information you see on Grey2K's FB page is decades old and like so many things in this world greyhound has evolved for the better.

When you see numbers on Grey2K's FB page and it gets you all riled up and they ask for donations and you donate, but why? Instead of donating wouldn't a question be better to know why you are donating? When Grey2K told you 71 greyhounds in Florida tested positive for cocaine from 2008-2018 didn't you pay attention to the range of years?  That is 71 positives over 11 years and didn't you wonder 71 positives out of how many tests?

The answer to the last Question that Grey2K wouldn't tell you because it probably have stopped you from donating is 71 positives out of 440,586 urine tests over 11 years.

This isn't going to get the blood pressure boiling enough to extract some money out of your wallet so grey2K conveniently left some pertinent information out and put in the years 2008-2018 knowing you would gloss right over it and only really see the 71 positives.

So I understand why you are anti-racing, but do you?

Dick Ciampa

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I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You Empty Re: I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You

Post by dad2paisley Tue 02 Mar 2021, 7:00 pm

Good post. Always be pro-racing no matter what.

I Understand Why You Are Anti-racing, But Do You D2pls710

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