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Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund

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Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund Empty Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund

Post by Dick Ciampa Wed 15 Jan 2020, 8:47 am

From G-D's website.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page:

Grey Aid is an initiative set up by Greyhound-Data with the support of GRV (Greyhound Racing Victoria) and other Australian based greyhound racing clubs and participants.

We are having a worldwide PUSH to raise much needed FUNDS to be distributed thought Australia to greyhound participants that have been directly impacted by the recent Australian Bush Fire disaster. These funds will also be made available to any persons affected by the fires that have a “GAP” dog or any greyhound adopted via a recognized greyhound adoption agency.

It is time to rebuild so please time dig deep and help our treasured grey’s.

A committee has been set up to oversee this project and to approve and distribute funds in real time when they are needed most.
Donations of leads, rugs, beds, walking machines, trailers etc will also be accepted, you can contact grey-aid@bigpond.com regarding such donations as to where they can be dropped off or mailed to in order for such items to be appropriately distributed to those in need.

Thank you everyone for helping all Australian Greyhounds in their time of need.

The devastation we are currently going through is uniting us as a nation and with your help and determination we can unite worldwide as greyhound owners.

Go Fund

Dick Ciampa

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Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund Empty Re: Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund

Post by dad2paisley Thu 16 Jan 2020, 1:07 pm


Greyhound-Data Austraila Fire Fund D2pls710

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