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Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak

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Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Empty Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak

Post by Dick Ciampa Mon 13 Jan 2020, 10:44 am

Here is the testimony of David Martosko before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on May 18, 2005. You will see the names Miyun Park, Daniel Andreas San Diego, Steven Best, John J.P. Goodwin and Rodney Coronado throughout Mr. Martosko's testimony.


These people along with Ingrid Newkirk,PETA, and Wayne Pacelle, HSUS, were all big players in the domestic terrorist group ALF. However, mixing and mingling in with these ALF A list people were up and coming ALF people like Christine Dorchak.

The 2003 ALF/Animal Rights Conference was a whose who of A list players.


Picking out some names you will see;

Steve Best (University of Texas, El Paso)

Rod Coronado (Animal activist)

Kevin Jonas (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty)  This is Kevin Kjonaas' alias

Miyun Park (Compassion Over Killing)

Jerry Vlasak (Animal Defense League)

And of course Christine Dorchak (Grey2K-USA)

It should also be noted that Christine Dorchak had this to say about some of the other prominent people that are at the ALF/Animal Rights Conferences every year.

I have had the good fortune to interview Peter Singer, Jim Mason, Karen Davis, Howard Lyman, Steven Wise, and Neal Barnard.

From the 2003 link above.

Neal Barnard (Physicians Comm. for Responsible Medicine)

Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns)

Howard Lyman (Voice for a Viable Future)

Jim Mason (Co-founder, Animals Agenda)

Peter Singer (Author "Animal Liberation")

Many of these people are in the ALF Hall of Fame.

In 2000 Ingrid Newkirk, Howard Lyman and Peter Singer were inducted.

In 2001 Jim Mason and Alex Pacheco.

In 2002 Karen Davis.

In 2003 Rodney Coranado.

In 2007 Kevin Kjonaas AKA Kevin Jonas

Year after year some of the A list people would change, but for the most part they were all there.

In 2002 basically the same cast of characters except no Rodney Coronado, but Ingrid Newkirk and Wayne Pacelle were there. Ingrid Newkirk, Howard Lyman and Peter Singer were featured speakers in 2002.

This goes on year after year with two ARC each year.  One is on the east coast and the other on the west coast.Some of these people show up for both while others just attend one and of course some of these can't attend either because they are in jail.

By 2008 many of the A list people are either busy running their non-profits or in jail and other people have risen to take their place as key note or featured speakers.  One such person is Christine Dorchak.


Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=2

By 2011 not only is Christine Dorchak a featured speaker, but Grey2K is also a sponsor of the Animal Rights Conference.


When you click on the link one of the first things you see is 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You.  That is PETA co-founder and Christine Dorchak good friend Alex Pacheco's organization.  If you don't know Alex he is one of the very early members of ALF being arrested a number of times.

Having worked supporting PETA it is no surprise that Alex and Christine are friends.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=3

As you scroll down you will see "Our Exhibitors" and Grey2K co-founder Christine Dorchak is not only a featured speaker at these events, but Grey2k is now an exhibitor.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=4

Now that Grey2K and Christine Dorchak have gotten a bigger voice in the radical AR movement Christine has become more of a featured speaker at these events there is only one place still go. International.

I don't know how many international events came before January 2018 in Mexico, but you will see not only is Christine a speaker, but Grey2K is also a sponsor.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=5

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=6

Though this is more than 20 years since the ARC started in the U.S. some of the founding members of those conventions are still active at this international event. You may have notices Carol Adams name, since she is usually the first name on the list, on the ARC list and she is here for this event.

Here are some of the others. There is Peter Singer again and Kim Stallwood and Christine have been friends since the early 2000's.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=7

Here is Grey2K and Christine active at the event.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Thumbnail?appId=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=8

You may remember at the beginning of this email I posted Christine saying she had the good fortune to interview a few people and on the list was Steven Wise.

Here we are 20 years later and here is Steven Wise at the Mexico conference and you also see Kim Stallwood.

Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Raw?appid=YMailNorrin&ymreqid=c5aec0cb-7122-a140-1c31-e7000401d900&token=dc69HZrpfzbWP_t9GXzQwUkkcN7waa3WVkncFD2uGLR_wvPAzfUKDzGP2rWdOP4Kwn15zxNfqPB_eeaX_GKgrARO_no7XFNoUKA9PygCR1mldJA8i3vzfiNePJFcLA02

In the end we all should be for animal welfare, but against animal rights. Animal welfare is treating animals humanely while animal rights people don't want animal agriculture or pets to be yours to own. If animal rights/ALF people get their way there would be no animal welfare since there would be no animal agriculture or pets.  Animals would roam free and I assume get hit by cars, but animal rights people don't really care about animals or they would be concerned about their stance on animals roaming free.

Animal rights organizations like Grey2K, PETA, HSUS and the ASPCA are all non-profit charitable organizations so they pay no federal tax.  Paying no federal tax means you support them by paying their tax.  They are subsidized by you. Together these four organization get donations of over $1,000,000,000, that is one BILLION DOLLARS, every two years from people that want to help animals, but don't realize these organizations don't help animals

ALF/Animal Rights people are all vegans. There is nothing wrong with being a vegan if that is what you want to do and most vegans are fine people that just go about their daily lives like anyone else. However, the ALF/Animal Rights radicals want to push their veganism on everyone. They want to make everyone a vegan and when you donate to these organizations you are helping them push their agenda.

Christine Dorchak has risen in the ranks of the AR movement and if this was a story about the mob it would be about a person that started as a small-time hood to now being a "made" member.

Blending in with society became fashionable to keep pushing the ALF/Animal Rights agenda in the early to mid 2000's, but blending into society doesn't mean you are really part of mainstream society.

It means you are the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Dick Ciampa

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Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak Empty Re: Connecting The Dots To Christine Dorchak

Post by greydaddy Mon 13 Jan 2020, 11:59 pm

I don’t like her.

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Post by dad2paisley Tue 14 Jan 2020, 8:25 pm

Thanks for the info.

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