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Greyhound Training Information

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Greyhound Training Information Empty Greyhound Training Information

Post by dad2paisley Thu 27 Dec 2018, 4:52 pm

This is good information for us all, esp neebie greyhound owners.

The most effective way to train your Greyhound is to join a basic obedience group class. These are inexpensive and fun. Use your safety collar/humane choke or a nylon choker. Please do not use a metal choker on a Greyhound as this could damage their throat and thin skin. There are always exceptions to the rule and some Greyhounds will require a chain choke and in the very extreme case a pinch collar to gain control. Please use these only under the supervision of an obedience trainer.

The following are some training insights on Greyhounds:

Sitting - Greyhounds do not like to sit, because their long backs and well-developed muscles make this an uncomfortable position for them. Coming close is good!! Doing it is great!!! ( I see alot that do sit with no problem)

Recall - Greyhounds can be taught to come when called. But do not ever be fooled into thinking they will come every time you call them (this applies to all breeds). No dog can be trusted to respond 100% of the time.
Very Important point.

Praise - Greyhounds respond very well to praise. This praise should always be verbal, accompanied by physical patting and/or a treat. The verbal praise should be done in a high pitch voice. Also, dogs do read facial expressions, so smile when your dog does well and frown when it could have been done better. Use a small piece of a treat as a reward for desired behavior..

Reprimands - They should always be done in a low pitched voice. The command should be NO!!! This will be sufficient to train any Greyhound. Remember hitting teaches a dog aggression.

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Post by greydaddy Thu 27 Dec 2018, 8:36 pm


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